Speak over my life God has broken every yoke


Today I speak over my life that:

God has broken every yoke of delay in every area of my life.

Every force of limitation is destroyed in my existence; I break every chain and blast through every wall of concealment.

I walk into divine opportunities on time.

My steps are ordered by God. I see my way, I walk up the ladder of promotion, and I step up the stage in elevation.

My season of upward lift is here, I am called up to greatness and I am kept in place and established in position permanently.

All eyes shall see and bless the Name of my God.

My name is mentioned in the corridors of power. I am seated with the nobles; God’s call to greatness is imminent.

I am forever on the rise; there is no end to the extent of my elevation.

My star shines, and my light shines in the darkness. I am the delight of the Lord, He watches over His word concerning me.

Nothing holds me bound, and no one keeps me down. I am constantly in motion towards the mark; the prize is in view.

My helpers will locate me. I walk and will not be weary; I run and will not be faint.

The gates are open, the doors are ajar and the windows are unlocked.

I have access by the Blood of the Lamb; I have the keys of David.

My storehouses are open, and every blessing from God gets to me on time.

I am not delayed and I can’t be denied in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ....


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