"How Can We Debate About A Document We Haven't Seen?" Orengo Tears Senate Apart


The Senate Assembly is today aiming to discuss matters pertaining Building Bridges Initiative Bill and back it before it's sent to the common citizen for a referendum.

However, the Senate Assembly has received a setback after Siaya Senator Hon. James Orengo raised eyebrows after claiming there are several versions of the report. Speaking during the ongoing BBI Bill debate, James Orengo has claimed that the deep state members are working tirelessly for the debate to end in tears.

"Mr. Speaker, I am worried about the current BBI debate. How can we debate about a document we haven't seen? Yesterday when i wanted to have a hardcopy of the same report, i was denied by the Secretariat. I was told that i cannot be given the hardcopy because it hasn't been stamped. What is going on?" James Orengo Said.

He therefore requested the sitting to be adjourned until 2pm to give room for the provisions of the hardcopy.

" From my viewpoint, i request this sitting to be adjourned until 2pm so that by that time we shall have the hardcopy of the report." Orengo added.

The Senate headed by Speaker Keneth Lusaka, led the house in postponing the sitting to to 2pm.

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