Even My Mother Knows I Am Not Good - Mona Gucci Warns Afia


Whiles some personalities in Ghana have decided to push the nation forward through their achievements and accomplishments, others have made up their minds that it is constant "beefs" that they will be cooking from time to time meanwhile they are not "chefs".

Such is the case of Afia Schwar and Mona Gucci who have been having back-and-forth arguments since time immemorial. However, as Mona Gucci sternly warned Afia some time back, the feud had gone down.

However, recent developments has led the arguments between the two to resurface which was caused by Afia who took to her social media platforms to mock Mona Gucci.

Mona Gucci who was not pleased by the insults rained on her decided to take to her social media handle herself and thus also sent another warning to Afia to put her in her tracks for good.

In the live video of Mona Gucci, she asked that Ghanaians pray for Afia Shwar as she (Mona) alleges that Afia is not entirely stable mentally. Mona goes on to state that she is suffering from bitterness especially when she sees her fellow ladie who are also in the media profession prospering.

Mona then concluded her rant at Afia warning her that she is not one of those ladies or gentlemen who will shy away from the challenges Afia usually throws. She goes on to brag that "Even my mother knows that I am not good" implying that she can be a bad person if she wants to, and that even her mother knows that "dark side" of her.

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