Watch Video: 100 meters run for your life moment at Apiatse, where the explosion happened.

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Ghana has been discussing about the Apiatse explosion near Bogoso. A lot of videos has dropped since the incident happened, but I will show the video when the residents were running away from their homes to protect their self's.

The explosion is said to have killed 13 people instead of the earlier report which suggest people dead are 17. The leaders should bare in mind that, if it was 5 persons still their lives can't be revived.

Those who have lost loved one's can also lose their lives through sadness and grieve. I don't know how this scene will move out of the minds of Apiatse residents.

The video below is the moment residents of Apiatse were notified there will be an explosion. People were running 100 m, cars and motorbikes were also U turning. Click on link to watch video.

Those who obeyed and run are those who are alive without injuries. What do you have to say about the video?

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