Photos Of Kenyan Catholic Cathedral That Has Won Several Architectural Awards, Located In The Village

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Architectural design of Kericho Catholic has earned the world wide recognition as it's aesthetic value is extraordinary. The sacred heart cathedral church has a unique make which attracts the eyes of many. The international designers from United kingdom brought their skills to produce a fantastic finished product. John mcAslam and partners are the guys behind this magnificent structure.[photo| Courtesy]

The contractor saxid he was awarded the contract to build a church with 1500 people capacity. The new cathedral was to replace the old one but with a bigger capacity. The classic church was later reduced to 1000 capacity but after the completion it was estimated to host 500 more people.[photo| Courtesy]

The cathedral used locally available that the Cyprus timber, granite,Nairobi blue stone and clay stone. The church has won many construction awards including: civil trust award and many more awards. The church increased from the to back to the alter which gives more capacity .[photo| Courtesy]

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