Fearless Youth Gifts Wajakhoya Real Bhang During His Vihiga Rally

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The growing craze about Roots presidential presidential candidate George Wajackoyah on Sunday, June 26 went a notch higher after his supporters offered him real raw bhang during a campaign rally in Khiswero town, Vihiga County.

Wajakhoya has taken his campaign rallies to western kenya where he is trying to lure in more Voter to his basket ahead of August polls.

The famous presidential candidate has promised to legalize bhang if he is elected as the county's 5th president.

According to him the rare and prohibited plant will help ease the current kenyan debt that has clearly caused a toll on the economy.

Churches and leaders have already cautioned young kenyans against falling into his sick plans.

A huge number have said that the roots party presidential candidate George Wajakhoya is a state project meant to finish Ruto's youths influence.

Wajakhoya im a latest poll managed to hit an amazing 7 percent of Nairobi votes.

This has caused serious uproar across the internet with netizens saying he might also force a run-off in the presidential election he if manages to hit over one million votes.

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