New Twist as One Of the "Basimati Babes" is Allegedly Married To a DCI Cop

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Famous city blogger turned politician, Robert Alai has this afternoon left many speaking after his noon post.

Yesterday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) paraded faces and names of Mchele ladies who have been terrorizing kenyan men.

The 12 ladies are alleged to have been working closely with slain Samuel Mugoh who was assassinated in broad daylight allegedly by his close ally.

The DCI has revealed that Mugo who was a notorious fraudsters used these ladies to obtain bank cards, phones and IDs that would help empty unsuspecting kenyans accounts.

Nevertheless, Alai has positively identified one of the ladies, according to Alai the middle-aged lady now identified Cecily Wawira is married to a DCI detective based in Mombasa.

It has emerged that she and her hubby also owned a famous entertainment joint in Kayole.

This interesting development comes at the backdrop of a serious manhunt for the Mchele suspects who have since then gone underground.

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