I will not take care of the kids until I do a DNA test- Man tells wife.

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   On Oyerapa Tv’s “oyerepa Afutuo” program today, a woman made a claim that Mr Kwame Appiah, his husband of ten years, has told her he will not take care of their kids until he does a DNA test after accusing her of cheating.

    According to the woman, she is from Burkina and they met 10years ago. Her husband brought her to Ghana after their marriage and they have been together since. After their second born, they had issues which nearly ended in a divorce but their families were able to solve the problem so they continued the marriage and later got a third born.

    She added that the husband has cheated on her Four times and the worrying part is he doesn’t even hide it. Sometimes he lies to the ladies that he is a single father and that her wife is dead. Recently he brought another lady to their home to live with them. Even though he hasn’t married her he treated her as a wife.


    Along the line, he moved out of the house with the lady to another house they built together leaving her and the kids alone. He doesn’t send money for their upkeep and when she asked him why, he said until he does a DNA test he will never take care of the children all because he has heard rumors that she is cheating.

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