Good news to All Ghanian Students


The management of the Ghana Education Service has opened the transfer window for the 2021/2022 academic year.

A statement shared and signed by the Sene East Human Resource Manager at the directorate indicates that all staffs in the District are to note that this year’s posting takes effect from Monday, 24″ May 2021.

According to the statement, applicants are to complete their release documents before submitting them to the office. Persons are urged to seek assurance from their preferred districts as well.

The GES has however revealed the necessary documents needed for the transfer processing. The following are the requirements, All Teachers who wish to seek transfer should adhere to this information.

1. Applicant’s application letter.

2. Covering letter of your Institutional Head.

3. Assurance letter.

4. Certificates (both DBE and BED certified ones)

5. First appointment letter.

6. Promotion letter.

7. Letter of Undertaking.

8. Current payslip.

9. Personal record form dully filled.

10. Passport size picture.

All the above Applicant shall fill Inter-Regional Transfer Form. Applicant’s application letter, Certificates, First Appointment letter, Promotion letter(s) if any, Current payslip, Personal record form duly filled and Passport size picture.  


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