Alban Bagbin’s Maiden Speech In Parliament Must Be Well Taken Seriously

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Speaker of Parliament Right Honorable Alban Bagbin today gave out his first remarks/speech when parliament resumed deliberations and debates on important issues concerning the country.

His speech was more landed on the very importance of the democratic hung parliament, and how it helps in the right governing of the country that will avoid majority power and dominance, rather create an open space for clearer debate where ideas are shared and better explanations are technically laid down to be probed.

His speech carries so much weight and in-depth wisdom that is worthy of sharing.

he said "The results of the 2020 elections brought a new order of political engagement. In effect, the character and norms of the power game changed, especially, in Parliament.

The ultra-majority rule, where the Majority party marshals its numerical strength to back the presidents’ policy or program, leaving no space for dialogue, compromise, and consensus-building is no more.

The outcome of the elections signifies two things; 1(a) rejection of the practice of blind, unbridled, and excessive partisanship in politics, the winner-take-all option; and (2) blind, partisan opposition and obstruction of government policy.

The preference is for the practice of dialogue, coordination, cooperation, consultation, compromise, and consensus-building. The clarion call in our dear nation today, is now Ghana first, everything else second.

Hon Members, the product of a hung Parliament marks a clear departure from the mantle “let the minority have its’ say, and the majority it's the way.”

Democracy has long gone beyond majority rule to participatory and inclusive governance a type of governance where both the majority and minority will have their say, but the national interest will have its way.

I think Ghanaians are right to move along with this improved system and the future of democratic governance in the world. This decision gave Ghana a pride of place in the celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Denmark.

I had the singular honor to participate in a global panel discussion on the topic of inclusive party governance and the future of democracy as part of the celebration.

Hon members, we should not also forget that this is in tune with the spirit and letter of the 1992 Constitution. The 1992 Constitution creates an opportunity for either a majority or a minority government or even an independent President to rule in the country.

It is important, as a people and nation we take serious note of these possibilities and work on the current state of our mindsets, conduct, and attitude, to accept any of these decisions of the electorates whenever it is so decided.

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