Destroy every ANCESTRAL graven image and set yourself free with these prayers.

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Say these powerful prayers immediately:

1. My father, every spirit of poverty, sickness, failure, frustration, setbacks, backwardness hovering around my life, let them catch fire, be destroyed by fire, earthquake, thunder in Jesus Name. I command such spirit to be sent packing out of my life and sent back to the source in Jesus Name.

2. Oh Lord, any ancestral graven image representing me or my family that is the source of my problems, failure, poverty, sickness, setbacks, financial lack, frustration, backwardness, sorrows, hardship. It has been there from generation to generation, making me to be stagnant in life, no progress in my life. Oh Lord, I command that ancestral graven image to be broken into pieces, fall and break, fire of God locate it and everything it has taken or stolen for me shall be restored, I Shall recover everything that I lost in Jesus Name.

3. Oh Lord, every strongman that have bound me and now is dominating my life and property. Let such strongman be brought by your mighty and glorious power in Jesus Name.

Thank you Lord Jesus for I know you have heard and will answer in Jesus Name.

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