Counties Without A University In Kenya


Irrespective of having many universities in the country, some counties do not have even a single university. These county officials have been working hard to ensure they at least have a university in their home counties. Let's hope in a few years to come almost every county will have a good number of universities and colleges. In this article, we are going to focus on the counties without a university.

1. Nyamira

Nyamira County is located in the Nyanza region. It's among the smallest county in the region. The county has no university. Before there were Kisii university branches at Keroka and Nyamira but they were closed for not meeting the standards. Although they have a good number of colleges.

2. Mandera

Mandera County is located at the farthest end of Somalia. Its located in North Eastern province. Maybe people fear investing here because of insecurity.

3. Wajir

Wajir is in the northeastern province. It has no university yet but maybe in the future, they will have.

4. Kwale

This is a county in the coastal region. The county has colleges like KMTC, the kwale branch and the institute of business studies. Nevertheless, they have not even a single university.

Other counties with no university are;

Tana River


Elgeyo Marakwet


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