The latest Covid-19 update regarding Zimbabwe

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The latest Covid -19 update for Zimbabwe as on the 25th of January 2022 revealed that Zimbabwe had recorded a total of 228 776 confirmed cases cases. This was after the country recorded a total of 235 new daily Covid-19 cases. These positive infections are a testimony that the virus is still around and that there is a need to be mindful of how one behaves. Still with the behaviour that is advised, there is always a call for community members to be reminded on the wearing of masks.It is one measure that may feel uncomfortable, but this can change when there is more awareness on the importance of wearing masks.

It should also be noted that that the latest Covid-19 update showed that Zimbabwe had 215 358 recoveries to date. This is a great development for Zimbabwe as it shows that although people continue getting infected, some do recover. There may be people who may have made recoveries to date in Zimbabwe, but some have died from Covid-19. Since 2020 , Zimbabwe has 5 316 deaths as result of Covid-19 related illnesses . As of the 25th of January, there were 11 people who were declared as having died as a result of the pandemic. The infections and fatalities can be reduced if more people get vaccinated against the pandemic.

It has been advised that Covid-19 vaccination helps reduce hospitalizations and fatalities related to Covid-19. It is great to note that there are millions in Zimbabwe who have said yes to getting vaccinated since 2021.Information that was shared by the Ministry of Health and Child Care showed that as of the 25th of January 2022 , there had been a total of 4 248 300 people who had received at least received a single Covid-19 jab.Have you been vaccinated?


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