Top 10 pillow talk utterances

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Most people in the modern world are often too busy to share a quiet peaceful moment with their partner where they can just talk. The only time this opportunity presents itself is early in the morning before work, late at night after work, and the few minutes after intimacy. Pillow talk is therefore an important part of all relationships because it provides a moment where partners can express their feelings, strengthen their emotional bond and share affection. Pillow talk conversations are not like normal everyday conversations because there is emotional intimacy and the partners can talk freely without holding back. This allows them to connect on a deeper level, let go of their emotional insecurities and feel closer to each other. If you’re wondering what to say during pillow talk, don’t worry, I’ve got you! Asking your partner deep questions is the best way to have a nice pillow talk. Below are the top ten questions to ask during a pillow talk.

What Was Your Favorite Part of the Day?

This is a great question to ask if you want to know more about your partner’s day but you don’t want to be too direct about it and take away their interest in answering the question. An advantage of this question is that you can try to recreate the situation that they liked and possibly make them fall deeper in love with you. This also communicates to your partner that you love them and you care enough to want to know more about their day. An added bonus is that this question reminds them that no matter how hectic life gets, you’ll always be there to remind them of the good parts of the day.

What Decision Was Toughest for You to Make Today?

Making tough decisions can be as tough as the decisions themselves in many occasions. Asking this question not only helps your partner to open up to you about their struggles but also allows you to find out how they think and what they prefer. A tough decision can be anything from deciding what to have for lunch without ruining your budget to making major life decisions. 

What Made You Laugh Today? 

Are you running out of jokes to tell your partner? Is it getting harder and harder to make them laugh? You’re not alone since many couples start to experience this depending on how long they’ve been together. After telling you what made them laugh, they will laugh again. This is a sneaky trick to make your partner laugh without having to crack multiple dry jokes. This also allows you to understand what they find funny at the moment since their sense of humor has evolved from the time the two of you met.

What Are You Most Grateful for Now?

A great question to remind your partner that there are good things in life worth being grateful for. Maybe they’re grateful for life, a comfortable house, food on the table, and having you by their side, loving and caring for them or much simpler thing like peace of mind. Whatever it is, asking this question allows you to find out what they value most in their life. 

What Do You Remember About Our First Kiss?

This is a great question to ask to travel back in time to when you were a new couple and the love was still in its early stage. Ask them how you made them feel and share your feeling too to keep the romantic vibe going. Remember your first date, first time you said you loved each other, and every first time you had together. This question re-ignites your desire for each other and strengthens your bond. It’s like your love is reborn just as it was born the day you met.

Where Do You Imagine We’ll Be Ten Years from Now?

This question is a really good one because it lets your partner know that you’re in it for the long haul. Talking about your future together allows you to make plans together knowing that your love for each other is the strongest. Talk about whether you want kids and how many you’d like to have. It seems cheesy, but talking about the future is a great way to reassure each other that the love is one hundred percent real.

What Would You Choose Between Me and a Millions Dollars?

A fun question to tease your partner with. And you know that they probably want to hear you say you would pick them over whichever amount of money. Talk about how your love for each other transcends money and all the worldly desires. Explain that the love you feel is not expendable and that you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the whole universe.

If You Could Go Back in Time, Which Day Would You Go Back to?

Ask this question with the aim of saying that you’d go back to the day when you first met. This is such a great way to remind your partner that you’re as deep in love as you used to be back then. We all want to be reminded that we are loved without asking. 

If You Were Asked to Describe Me, How Would You Describe Me?

This is a good question because it will give you the opportunity of hearing the good qualities that your partner thinks you possess and you’ll also get your chance to tell your partner how good they look and how attractive you find them. Don’t hold back on the complements, melt that beautiful heart.

Do You Remember the First Time You Knew You Were in Love with Me?

Maybe it’s when you first met, when you shared your first kiss, when you helped someone out in their time of need, or maybe it’s when you proved that you will always show up no matter the odds. To find out, you must ask. And when you get an answer, share the moment you first realized you loved your partner. Remember, ask these questions over the course of several nights, not all at once.

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