Which Cooking Gas Cylinder Should I Buy For My Family In The Market?


Kenya disband the current system where oil marketers accept cylinders from rival brands during refills.

This means that soon you will not be able to exchange your cylinder for a different brand at your local dealer.


K-Gas is the most popular gas cylinder in our country Kenya. K-gas is available to all customers in 5kg, 10kg and 25kg cylinders at Total Service Stations as well as from authorized dealers including leading supermarkets such as Naivas, ukwala, Tumaini, and Nakumatt.

How long should a 45kg gas cylinder last?

A 45kg gas bottle will last 244 days based on a cooktop burner used for 60 minutes per day.

What are the advantages of cooking gas?

Tasty food cooked in less time

Unlike having to wait for your stove or oven to heat up, gas cylinders produce an instantaneous flame, ensuring that you don’t waste energy.

Gas also cooks food faster than electricity.

That means you can now spend more time doing what you love while still cooking your food with ease.

It gives you better heat control

When you change the temperature on the electric stove it takes time for the desired temperature to be reached. However, with gas cylinders, the change is exact and instant.

You can use different pots

Electric stoves are flat and in order for the heat to be dispersed evenly, the entire bottom of the pot needs to be in contact with the elements. Heat from a gas cylinder is derived from the flame.

It’s cost-efficient

When cooking with gas cylinder, you save money because gas cooks faster than electricity and it lasts longer.

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