OPINION | Here Are The Most Successful Lesbians in South Africa

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29 November 2021

LGQI community has demonstrated to many that there are more than two sexualities. No one chooses sexuality, it is something we are born with that can't be changed. As celebrities are humans, they have different sexualities. Some are straight, meaning they are attracted to an opposite gender only. Others on the other side are attracted to people with the same sexuality as theirs. In this article, we will look at South African celebrities who are lesbians.

Thandiswa Mazwai.

Tondiswa Mazwai, a former musician and member of the kwaito group Bongo Maffin, is now an activist. In spite of Thandiswa's private nature, she refers to herself as a lesbian. An artist is successful and still maintains a private life. She recently made a new song.

Latoya Makhene.

Among her many talents, Latoya is a singer, traditional healer, and actor who plays Tshidi Moroka in Generations the Legacy. Lebo Kheswa, a businesswoman from Joburg, is Latoya's girlfriend. Lebo, despite being the mother of five, is better in bed than most men, according to Latoya. The love birds have been the couple's goals and still continue to enjoy their love.

Tina Redman.

An actor, performer, beatboxer, and activist, Tina is highly respected in her field. If you are a fan of Generations the Legacy you will probably remember the girl working at Ezweni called Hlubi, that is Tina Redman.

 Nomsa Buthelezi.

Nomsa Buthelezi is the presenter of the popular show, Our Perfect weeding. Nomsa is also an actor, she appeared in Generations the Legacy as Boipelo. Nomsa is in a relationship and she is proud of her relationship with Sandile Shezi which started in 2019.

Caster Semenya.

Caster is a professional athlete. Caster opened up about her sexuality in 2017. Caster is married to her wife Violet Raseboya. The couple is doing incredibly well in their relationship.

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