7 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Cooking Easier For You


7 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Cooking Easier For You

Cooking in the kitchen can be so tedious if you don't know some hacks to make it easier and faster. You will be able to cook faster and like a professional only if you know some simple hacks to use. You will also be able to prevent food products from getting destroyed so quickly.

To get started, here are some kitchen tips that will make cooking easy and enjoyable for you.

1. If you want to eat your cheese, cut off the part you want to eat with the packaging. The remaining part of the cheese can be covered with the package of the one you eat.

2. Do you always throw away herbs that turn yellow in your kitchen? Don't throw it away anymore. Just place them in an ice cube tray, pour olive oil on them and mix well. It's is best for making pasta or salad.

3. You can make a perfect ice cream sandwich with a sharp, hot knife!

4. Reheat your leftover pizza in a frying pan and not in the microwave for it to have the same taste and aroma like the original.

5. If you want to cut cherry tomatoes smoothly and quickly, you can squeeze them between two plates. While using the two plates to apply pressure on the cherry tomatoes, slice through them with a sharp knife.

6. Store your potatoes alongside apples and they will not sprout for a very long time. This is because apples contain ethylene that will stop their shoots from growing.

7. Drench your fresh berries in a weak vinegar solution and they will never go mouldy until you will use them.

If you master all these kitchen hacks, you will spend little time cooking in the kitchen. In no time, you will become a professional cook.

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