"Even if They Take my Ben 10, I Will Find Another One" - Zodwa Reveals

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However, Zodwa Wabantu has stated that she would not be a sangoma. With traditional clothing and animal horns, the exotic dancer made her followers wary.

As some of her followers say, ancestors force individuals do unusual things until they embrace their purpose, the image she posted garnered "it makes sense."

Zodwa, for example, told TshisaLive she now understands why she enjoys nude walking.

"No wonder I've been nude." That's why they took me out of poverty and gave me this life. This is not the end for me, nor is it my goal "she informed the press.

Also, Zodwa said that her ancestors tell her what she can and cannot do or wear. She recognizes her uniqueness and has no desire to be liked.

Zodwa confirmed she is an Inkosazana yamanzi, not a sangoma.

Her healer told IOL she had the gift of success and that those with that gift have more opportunities than those who do not.

However, Zodwa has stated that she would not stop dating Ben 10's and entertaining her people in the manner she has done for many years.

"I told them I adore sex," Zodwa told IOL. And I'll keep sexing. Then they must know that I will replace my Ben 10. I even told them not to accept my cash. My supporters would be thrilled if they are told to cease dancing nude. But I've given in.“

Season 3 of Zodwa's reality show Zodwa Uncensored will investigate and discuss this gift further.

Boity Thulo, who bears the same gift as her mother, is also a sangoma but is taking a hiatus from practice. It's not yet part of my path as a sangoma, therefore I haven't been physically practicing." When you sit down and start conversing with your ancestors, they will come to you,” she told TshisaLive.

"My career is expanding in tune and totally with ubungoma right now,” she said. “My mother has taken charge now. Inspiring because I have someone to look to when the time comes,” she added.

They will inform me when the time comes, and I will absolutely start practicing,” she said, adding that her forefathers had placed her on a new platform, which is her job.



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