Meet The Curvaceous Plus-size Instagram Slay Queen Who’s A Mechanic At Accra, Madina


Women are accepted and encouraged now more than ever before in previously male dominated industries, but there are still few ladies who have get the courage to work as mechanics in Ghana. In Ghana only 3-4% of all automotive mechanics are women. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Every woman who want to pursue a career of a mechanic and need encouragement is welcome as I share with you some beautiful pictures of the curvaceous Instagram slay queen who’s a mechanic at Accra, Madina.

Women have many skills that they can bring to the table as mechanic. Ama Timpus is one of the beautiful Ghanaian Instagram slay queen who’s doing very well in her mechanic career and encouraging others who are pursuing a career in mechanic. She’s a plus-size lady and that makes it very hard to believe in her work but she’s still fighting forward and recently very popular on Instagram. She the real definition of a beautiful woman in the country now. A lot of fans are very happy about the work and they wish she go higher and higher.

Please enjoy some stunning pictures of Ama Timpus ;

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