Loise Kim's Response After Being Told to Retire From Music

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Loise Kim kicked off a recent social media post by stating that the devil is never tired of seeking to devour the children of God. She went on to state that God always has the last card despite all that.

As expected, her post is bound to attract various reactions from her social media following of which some are related to the post while others are not. Among the many people that got to respond is a lady by the name of Eunice Wanjiru on Facebook.

Eunice Wanjiru was however off-topic from what Loise Kim was talking about. In her comment, Eunice Wanjiru requested Loise Kim to retire from music considering Loise Kim was still singing by the time she was in nursery.

Responding to the same, Loise Kim requested Eunice Wanjiru to inform her on the next step she ought to take after retiring. Loise Kim is among the celebrated gospel musicians who remains relevant despite being in the industry for long which should be enough reason for her to be respected.Photos: courtesy.

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