Orlando pirates star drops this unexpected message. See it's very interesting

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Zakhele Lepasa writes...

"Lazy people do a little work and think they should be achieving great things. But people who are most likely to achieve great things work as hard as possible and still worry if they are being lazy."

This statement is like this for example " some people just sit at home and don't send out CVS but expect to be employed, on the other hand someone who always go out and hustle for a job and doesn't get one he always feels like he is not hustling enough "

Worst striker pirates ever had So blant in front of goal But pirates fan won't agree cause its what they have

He is getting jealous of Prepah and Mhango now because there are doing better he is gonna be a bench warm.

I swear to God, kaizer chiefs is gonna be mentioned in the comments section! for what reason? I don't know either I bet my life.

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