The hunter who is able to understand the cry of various animals in the forest.


A hunter who goes by the name Kwaku Asare was interviewed on CK tv to share his experience as a hunter to the public. He started by sharing some of the tools he use for hunting and the local names given to these item which will go a long way to educate the current generation who has no idea about these local names.

He claimed to have been a hunter for the past 10yrs after learning from his dad about hunting. Due to this, he is able to understand most of the cry or the mode of communication between each of the animals he has encountered. As a result of this, he has also come across many dangers associated with hunter some animals like baboons, monkeys and antelopes.

He was Ask the name of his hunting bag in twi which he said, is called "apredwia" and the cutlers is "dadi3". From his speech, most of the times, he spend the night in the bush with his friends who are equally hunters so the able to differentiate between animals based on their cry.

He also narated how he was nearly killed by a baboon.

Kindly watch the full interview via the link below.


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