Best Goalkeeper, Top Scorer And Player With Most Assists In Euro 2020


Competitions for various to rankings seem to be stiff as players are doing their best to lead in the various positions. These are the current best goalkeeper, top scorer and player with most assists in Euro 2020.

1. Best Goalkeeper : Jordan Pickford - He is currently the best goalkeeper in Euro 2020 considering the fact that he has kept clean sheet in the four Euro 2020 matches he has played for England. He kept a clean sheet in their round of 16 Euro 2-0 win against Germany.

2. Top Scorer : Cristiano Ronaldo - The Portuguese foward player is leading with five goals after playing four Euro 2020 matches. His team was however defeated in the round of 16 hindering him from extending his lead.

3. Player With Most Assists : Steven Zuber - He is the player with most assists in Euro 2020 with four assists. He gave one assist for Swizerland in their round of 16 Euro 2020 3-3 draw agaist Fench.


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