Both NPP And The NDC Disliked FixTheCountry Pressure Group - Oliver Baker- Vomawor Claimed

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FixTheCountry movement convener, Oliver Baker-Vomawor has made claims on social media (Facebook) that both New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) dislike the pressure group since they see it as a threat to their activities.

Mr. Oliver claimed, “ I know some NDC MPs who have openly declared their dislike for FixTheCountry. I know a popular young NDC MP who was jubiliating that I had been arrested, because I critiqued his Bill. When the NDC hierarchy released a statement about declining free speech, they intentionally omitted my name”. He alleged.

He further mentioned, “ But I do not care about all that. My support will always be for unarmed protestors. My advocacy will always support young people irrespective of their political sentiments.”

In describing his reason for the so called displeasure on the part of the Parties involved, Mr. Baker said,

a. We continue to criticize both the NDC and the NPP. And that we are not only fighting the Government but the System.

He claimed.

Source: By Oliver Baker

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