Check Out The HIDDEN Meaning Behind US Rapper, Rick Ross' Tattoos

When you see other musicians that are not American wearing tattoos then know that such a musician copied the Average American artiste. The tattoo you see today is their trend. Though other tribes have some bodily drawings for example in the Hausa tribe of Nigeria, there is a bodily drawing the women and girls mostly draw on their hands and other parts of their body.

They call it " hyena" . So it is not a new thing to see someone putting on a tattoo but one thing very unique about the tattoo of the personality we are about to reveal to you is that each has its meaning/interpretation. Continue reading to find out.

Today, I bring to you Rick Ross' s (5) Tattoos and their meaning.

William Leonard Roberts ll, Aka " Rick Ross" doubles as an American rapper and a record executive. He has tattoos flaunted all over his body. This tattoo covers his hands, stomach, chest region, back, forearm, face, etc. In fact between Rickross and Lil Wayne, I don' t know who has tattoos more.

The following are the meaning of 5 tattoos in Rick Ross' s body.

1. The ' Three Crosses' Tatoo

These three crosses may be symbolical of two things. Trinity and the symbol of how Christ died on the cross for mankind.

2. ' Map of Florida' Tatoo

This tattoo can be seen on Rick Ross' s forehead. It represents his homage to the state because he was brought up there. Please do not mistake the fact, he was conceived in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

3. Rick Ross Tatoo

This tatoo can be seen in his hand. It represents the millions he has and spends. As a superstar artist is known worldwide, he controls millions of dollars. This particular tool is an indication of his worth financially.

4. ' Diplomat' Tatoo

This tatoo can be seen in his chest region. A diplomat is a person appointed by the Government of a state to stand in for the state in any bilateral agreement or relationship with another state. What this represents is that as a celebrity he is an automatic ambassador of where he comes from that is America. This is the interpretation of that particular tattoo.

5. ' Rick Ross Crown'

If you check closely, you will see that it' s a Rolex crown. It represents his level of achievements so far both in his musical career and what have you.

This is quite interesting but the one that catches my fantasy a great deal is the ' Three Crosses Tatoo' . Which interpretation points at the Geometrician of the universe, (GOD), Trinity, and the certification of Christ to wash away our sins. This is a pointer to the fact that Rick Ross loves Christ so much.

Most artists and other noncelebrities put on tattoos without any reason; they do so just to copy the trend and follow what the American artiste is doing. It is wisdom in its real sense for you to do something with a tangible reason.I use this opportunity to advise persons who always do what the crowd those without finding out the meaning, interpretation, purpose, and benefit of doing it.

I would leave you with this word and that is always live life with reason, purpose, and wisdom.

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