Opinion: see the teams that will finally finish top 4 this season in English premier league.


The issue of top 4 finish has been a controversial matter since the English premier league got tougher and more competitive unlike what we use to see. Everyone can see that former league winners (Liverpool), is now struggling to maintain a good place, as the EPL competition is almost coming to an end.

So from my analysis and speculations, i present to you these 4 teams that will finally make it to Champions league next season, which entails they are are going to finish top four.

Manchester City, is already favorite for the title race, despite their 1-2 loss to Leeds United side yesterday.

Another club am seeing there is Chelsea, following Thomas Tuchel's incredible tactics and coaching skills.

Tottenham Hotspurs will surprisingly finish third or fourth this time, because Jose Mourinho will do everything possible to retain his position as Head coach. And the club's hierarchy have already given him that mandate

Lastly, Manchester United will also make it at the top 4, but that will depend on how consistent they appear in subsequent games.

Although the fact remains, Ole Gunner's men are good.

What do you think?

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