"This Morning on our way to Oshodi, a lady asked for directions to Ajao estate for a job interview"


The unfortunate trend of fraudsters and ritualist using job interviews to lure innocent Ghanians to harm them afterwards in becoming worrisome.

 It may be hard to spot a job post from a trafficker because it can blend in, but there are red flags to avoid when job hunting to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking it can happen to anyone.

Those who put up the advert are kidnappers.

They lured their victims with job vacancies in a reputable company.

They collected their certificates and kept them in the bush.

This may sound superstitious, but it happens especially in this part of the world. Some wicked people post fake jobs and then direct innocent job seekers to weird locations for the interview, then they would able to capture them and do whatever they want with them.

As a consequence, a number of Ghanians, especially young people, are so desperate that their job is made vulnerable due to the country's high unemployment and poor economy.

An Akwa Ibom lady , named Iniobong Umoren was murdered a few days ago, when somebody claimed to offer her a job in the Uruan Local Government Area.

The lady named Achalugo tells us how she and others saved an innocent woman out of the pit of the ritualists and fraudsters.

She went to tell her story a few hours ago to Twitter.

On our way to Oshodi this morning, a lady came in and asked how to find Ajao estate. As she asked the driver, I noticed that she had a file (ghengeun interview) (interview ghengeun). As she told me the incident, she felt not willing to reply, sorry, I asked you, she said, quickly.

It is most commendable and I pray that nobody will be victimized by these fraudsters and ritualists.

You can save your next man, please share that message on every platform, against falling in the trap of these people.

Employment scam happens regularly, don't apply to any job out of frustration and desperation. Always check every job to prevent falling into the arms of swindlers.

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