People Mocked Me After I Gave Birth To A Disabled Child They Would Call Him A Rat My Husband Left Me

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Esther was happy when she was taken to hospital to deliver her second born child. Her neighbor took her to hospital thinking that she would give birth normal. The doctors confirmed that she had to undergo a c-section because the position of her baby was breech.

The surgery was successful but the child was disabled and was tiny.when her neighbor saw her child she went back home and informed her husband and the other neighbors that Esther had given birth to a rat.According to her the neighbours would pay her a visit in the hospital empty handed just to see the baby.

Her husband didn't visit her at the hospital. He abandoned them and upto date he has never set an eye on the baby.Her brother was the only one who was encouraging her and giving her hope to raise the child.She narrated an incident where a neighbor visited her in her house.

She asked her to throw away the child but Esther was ready to raise her child. Others would tell her to carry her child and beg in town but she would tell them that God would provide for them.She decided to relocate to Gatundu from Nakuru because people were mocking her while others would tell her that she was cursed.

People would refuse to rent her a house after seeing the condition of her child.A good samaritan stood with her and gave her a small house to live.Her child uses 15 diapers per day since his muscles are not able to hold .She is requesting well wishers to support her in any way by also offering her manual jobs .

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