Despite The Pandemic, Brazil Builds One Of The Tallest Statues Of Jesus With A Budget Of N134Million


Despite the fast distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, countries such as Brazil has suffered greatly from the pandemic. A report by BBC reveals that more than 60,000 died as a result of the pandemic just in March.

Regardless of Brazil's struggle, the country builds one of the or if not the tallest statue of Jesus Christ which is called "Christ the Protector".

The construction of "Christ the Protector" kicked off with a budget of about $353,000 which is equivalent to 134 million Nigerian Naira.

Brazil was able to designate such huge amount towards the religious statue by donations.

It's is expected that at the end of 2021, Christ the Protector will be taller than it's counterpart "Christ the Redeemer which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

The effort of Brazil towards the construction of an extraordinary religious structure despite the pandemic effect shows their dedication to God.

See fascinating photos of Christ the Protector which will be 141 feet tall when completed.

Watch the viral video here that shows the construction of ''Christ the Protector''

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