She was told she was never going to make it but she proved them wrong. Never give up


Giving up should never be an option and it is the reason why I came to you with this article. I just want to motivate you by sharing this real life story with you and telling you these words. It is not over until it is all over.

Never think of wasting all the efforts you put into something just because you think you are not getting the results you expected. Never give up, hold on tight and hope for the best because no one knows what tomorrow holds.

This article is going to be based on the life story of Harriet Hunt, a woman who had constantly been looked down upon. Some of her peers looked down on her as she was growing up. Sometimes, their words broke her but most importantly, she picked up the broken pieces and joined them together.

Harriet decided to recall how a boy in her high school chemistry class saw no good in her.

Looking at her tweet, she decided to become an engineer on the first day she fell victim to that act. Her quest to attain greatness was not an easy one, Harriet claims she just had to leave class at certain times just to cry in the halls.

Things were not adding up like she wished but I am glad she is now looking at these moments and smiling. Who knew the bad times were just going to add a spice to her nice future?

To prove a point, she decided to learn hard and strive hard to achieve her dreams. The dreams people never thought she will attain and well, this is her now.

Harriet is now working at NASA as an engineer. Wonder what would have happened if she decided to give up on her dreams just because of the negative comments which were projected towards her.

I hope this motivates you to keep on striving for glory. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, never give up.