What if the Internet goes down, what will the world be like?

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Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using a standardized communication protocol.

In our modern world is now term as the Internet or computer world where everything we do is based on the internet. Banking systems, electricity, telecommunications, transportation, farming, everything we are using now is based on technology with the internet so if it goes off the world will be standstill.

The million-dollar question is, what if the Internet goes down what will be our state as a world even our phones which contains most of our information will not function. Let us take a look at when Whatsapp goes off, the inconveniences it created by not being able to reach family, friends, and many more.

Now man lives his or her life on the internet, some have many accounts with a password but with the Internet, there is no need to memorize all the passwords to the account. Move over, when the Internet goes down, even Opera cannot serve its customers again and family can not reach out to others living elsewhere. But thinking of all these, some people have devoted themselves to making the Internet stable as it has always been.

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