Uhuru Kenyatta Embarrassed in a Shock Defeat of his Jubilee Candidate in His Own Backyard


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been embarrassed badly after his party jubilee lost in the ongoing by-election in Juja Constituency. Already George Koimburi has more than 10,000 votes while the jubilee candidate has a palty 5000 votes. The votes that are yet to be counted are only 18 polling stations meaning Koimburi could easily be the MP elect in Juja Constituency.

Susan Waititu has lost terribly clearly embarrassing president Uhuru Kenyatta given Juja Constituency is just next to Uhuru Kenyatta home. It has really exposed the president as a person who has no control over the Mt Kenya region whatsoever. It's a clear testimony that DP Ruto is in control of Mt Kenya region politically and Uhuru Kenyatta threats that he was a lion are just but hot air as the ground is different.

Moses Kuria has also confirmed a force to reckon with especially when it comes to matters Mt Kenya region politics. He has embarrassed Uhuru Kenyatta completely putting his threats to endorse somebody as just but hot air.

Uhuru Kenyatta has however nothing to do rather accept the shocking results and learn to live another day. The Juja constituency residents have proved that Uhuru Kenyatta has nothing much politically in Mt Kenya region as he was nolonger in control like he thinks.

Nyandu operanews-external@opera.com