The side hustle of Henry Desagu and his childhood background


Henry Desagu is Kenyan celebrity and a well known comedian who is known for his unique comedy style.

Ithagu Kibicho alias Henry Desagu is one of the richest and highly paid comedians in Kenya.Desagu is approximately paid a salary of 800,000 Kenyan shillings per month, a salary which is even higher more than of a county governor.Desagu took acting serious at campus level after he joined a theater group.

On his educational background, Henry Desagu attended his primary school in Nakuru after which he joined Menengai high school where he tried his best and managed to join University.He joined Kenyatta University where he enrolled in a degree course in Economics .

Other than acting, Henry Desagu Runs a multi-million car dealership company Motor Hub which is located along Kiambu Road opposite Ridge views garden.

Henry Desagu is dating Jackie Mbugua who is also a comedian as well as a model and they have appeared together in many of Desagu's videos.

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