Oscar pistorius Show off His Mansion House and Expensive cars

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Here is a South African professional sprinter Oscar pistorius showing his mansion house and fancy cars

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is a South African former professional sprinter, Blade Runner. He was born missing the outside of both feet and both fibulae. Both of his feet were amputated when he was 11 months old due to congenital defect. Pistorius ran in both non-disabled sprint events and in sprint events for below-knee amputees. He was the tenth athlete to compete at both the Paralympic and Olympic games.

He was born 22 November 1986 in Sandton, Johannesburg Transvaal province, he grew up in a Christian home with his brothers and sisters.

He owns fancy house that he is staying in it, this house has many rooms with a gym in side it also a lift because has has upstairs rooms, and place to chill near the white balcony. He also drive expensive fancy cars that you can think off.

Here is a pictures of his house and two cars

On his collections cars there are blue Bentley, white GTR, grey Porsche and lastly is his grey Volvo. All of these cars he bought them himself and the are expensive because they are worth millions of money.

Here is few pictures of the last cars

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