5 Ways Men Can Improve Their Health And Wellbeing

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1. Resistance Training.

Resistance training is the most important aspect of developing an aesthetic physique. This is not something that you do once to build yourself up and get done with it. It is one practice that you want to engage in for your whole life to build your character and make yourself worthy to face the world.

Choose from:

- Weight training

- Resistance bands

- Free body weights

And it will help you transform into a better man.

2. Eat Whole Foods.

As the saying goes - "You are what you eat". So, if you eat preservatives filled food or refined food made in factories,then it is not going to help you achieve your full physical, mental and spiritual potential. Treat your body like a temple and offer only the best in that temple.

So, make it a non-negotiable to treat yourself with only real food and reject everything that comes wrapped in a plastic sheet.

3. Do Things With Your Hands.

You have evolved till this day by doing things with your hands. When you do things using your hands, you get the chance to detach yourself from the clutches of the modern world.

Try taking up:

- Gardening

- Sculpting

- Cooking

- Pottery

And see how it builds your focus, motivation,self-worth, and self awareness.

4. Fast Every 15 Days.

Fasting has many benefits. Besides weight loss and many other health benefits,it helps you build self-control, which is one of the most important virtues for a successful life.

Fasting also helps you get rid of mind fog, which is needed for making the right decisions. To start with fasting, do it once every 15 days and train yourself to do it more often. Once you make it regular, you will see yourself transform into a more confident man.

5. Seek Help.

Be it personal or professional, seeking help does not make you less of a man. So, keep your ego aside when its really the time to ask for help. But while asking for it, do it with a humble heart and you will see that the world is there to help you out.

Seeking help also takes care of your mental health,which is an equally important pillar of health as nutrition and lifestyle. So, do it when you are stuck and feel the need for it.

Besides getting your work done, you will make some lifetime friends on your journey to success.

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