JUST IN: SASSA makes an important R350 SRD Grant confirmation!


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By: Tebogo Senosha.

In their latest interview, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) through spokesperson, Paseka Letsatsi has alleviated fears amongst R350 Special Covid-19 Social Relief Distress grant applicants who were unfairly and wrongfully declined.

The agency went on a declining spree weeks ago without doing any proper checks and thorough verifications on the applications.

This was confirmed because most if not all of the declined applicants have never set foot in  any company as employees and yet they were declined.

Some of the declined applications were of those who have more than 5 years not working nor receiving any income.

Despite all these, SASSA still went ahead and declined their applications. The agency's best defense or excuse for declining qualifying applicants was that those declined were already receiving some other form of income.

The agency further stated that other declined applications were from those who were already captured on the UIF database or were eligible to receive the UIF grant.

However, SASSA continuously fails to explain to desperate and shocked applicants on exactly which other form of income they were referring to.

With regards to the applicants who were declined due to being on the UIF database, the agency has pleaded with applicants to contact their previous employers, this in order to be removed from the database or to follow up on their UIF applications.

Below is the official statement from SASSA addressing these issues:

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all applicants who were unfairly and wrongfully declined by SASSA, this after SASSA’s spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi shed some light on the matter in an interview with the SABC recently.

Letsatsi acknowledged the frustrations that applicants were subjected to with the declined applications, further revealing to the public broadcaster that SASSA would embark on a review process to help all applicants whose applications had failed or were declined.

"We are aware of the fact that they are people who are aggrieved we said that there must be internal review mechanisms quickly so that we can be able to vouch for the information with other relevant government entities," Letsatsi confirmed.

He also revealed that the agency has so far paid around 1.9 million applicants of the R350 COVID-19 Relief Grant. Furthermore, the overall number of people who made applications were 7.1 million.

He said, "Over the past two to three weeks or so out of the number of about 7 million applications, we had about approved applications of about 3.2 million those who did not make it failed applications of about 3.2 million and payments which were processed and debited its about 1.9 million".

With the agency having managed to pay 1.9 million of the 7.1 million applicants who had made applications, this then means that about 61% of the approved applications was paid thus far.

The agancy also confirmed that there won't be any specific date for June payments, the qualifying applicants would just see the money coming in when least expected.

And those who were approved but did not receive SMSes to send their banking details, were advised to call the agency immediately on 0800 601 011 so that they can be sent those smses.

Applicants were also urged to always check up on their application status online and on the WhatsApp platform.

The relief grant will run until October and applicants would be verified each and every month to see if they still qualify to receive the grant.

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