What happen to Siyabonga Zubane

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The entertainment industry is still covered by the black cloud of loosing their actors now and then.

It was really so sad to hear a sad news about a young actor of Gomora.

Siyabonga was just a 23-year-old actor. Who has been demise now? Siyabonga Zubane was a humble and very great actor.

The news that Siyabonga Zubane dies came out on May 7th, 2022 which was confirmed by one of the local channels in South Africa.

He was a diligent and dedicated actor. He performed his first television role in the Mzansi Magic drama Isibaya, which was later shelved. Siyabonga was just 23 years old

We are saddened about the passing about the passing of Siyabonga Zubane. His debut role in 2017, was Bhungezi on Isibaya.

Recently, he was Sdumo on Gomora. We would like to extend our condolences to Siyabonga’s family. His contribution to the TV industry will be treasured.” she shared publicly.

His death cause is not confirmed yet, even though it's believed that a young actor took his own life.

Anxiety and depression is honestly silent killer especially youth. The process of trying to find yourself and figure things out around you, can either break you or make you.

I don’t know what happened to him but I pray we’re all strong enough to fight, said one tweep.

Even though we're not sure what kill Siyabonga but sometimes a society put so much pressure on young actors.

We really pass our condolences to his family may God strengthen them during this difficult time.

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