Reasons Why Most People Choose To Be Single Throughout Their Lives


In the modern society, we have seen people resolving to live single all their entire lives or even break from marriages to live as single parents. Today, am going to take you through reasons why most people are brutally single nowadays. Below are the most common reasons that you would have come across:

1. LOW SELF ESTEEM. Some people are single because they weigh themselves in relation to others and feel like they are not good enough to be dated or married. Low self-esteem is a distroyer and one needs counseling to regain confidence in themselves.

2. PICKINESS. This is common as people tend to look for partners whose physical attributes go hand in hand with their inner beauty, which is unfortunately not an easy thing. Being picky leaves one with scarce choices hence leaving singleness a better choice.

3. RULE-MAKING. Some people have been reading books and journals about dating and then try to apply them in real life. What looks good on paper does not always work in real life situations and this leaves people single in the long run.

4. FEAR OF INTIMACY.Some people are single because they have put a border so that no one comes close enough to knowing each and every detail of themselves. They fear that intimacy between lovers, though they crave to be loved and in a relationship.

5. ISOLATION AND ROUTINE. Modern women are self-sufficient, successful and have gained full control of their lives, this leaves less room for them to be supplemented by men this increasing the number of single people.

Being single is by choice and some fear getting into a relationship because of past interpersonal relationships which failed,so everyone is entitled to what they feelis right for them


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