Another Shock To Uhuru As More Kieleweke Mps Are Decamping Jubilee After UDA Won Kiambaa By Election


The recent Kiambaa by elections has absolutely changed the politics of the day. This is after the UDA party which is associated with Deputy President William Ruto won . 

This by election has made most Kieleweke Mps to decamp the ruling party to UDA. Therefore,this has necessitated the president to convene an emergency meeting with the mt Kenya leaders .

The following are most powerful Kieleweke leaders who have expressed that they will decamp or have decamped Kieleweke to Tangatanga group.

Joshua Kutuny who is the deputy SG , has expressed that he will decamp Jubilee for UDA. Through, Emoo Fm, Kutuny has said that he will not betray his community in the next general elections.He therefore assured his community that he is in Jubilee temporarily and do not worry about his current political position. 

Another one is Cate Waruguru who is a women representative in Laikipia County.She said that she is rejoining to Ruto's camp because Jubilee is dying. 

Most Jubilee die hard leaders has gradually started to loss hope to the ruling party after losing to UDA in Kiambaa Constituency.

In your opinion, do you see more Jubilee leaders will defect as we are nearing general elections? Share and leave your comment.


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