Before Leaving Your House This Tuesday Morning, Avert Accident & Untimely Death Through These Prayer


Don't joke with the devil he will joke with you mercilessly in a brutal way. When you joke with the instructions of God the devil takes advantage of such foolishness to his advantage. He is ever ready to kill, steal and destroy God's children. Be aware that just as God doesn't sleep, so the devil doesn't sleep.

The skim of the devil is for you to fail and he will do anything to make sure you fail. That involves killing you before your time and taking the position of your soul as the case may be.

The devil is always watching defaults in the children of God and uses that to manipulate them and steal them away from God's light. The devil is a killer and he wants to kill God's children before their time, hence you have to be prayerful at all cost. Therefore, before leaving your house this Tuesday morning, avert accident and untimely death through these prayers.

* Everlasting living God, come to my aid this morning, I need you to be my guard and my fortress. Guide my step, order my steps and direct my footsteps today mighty King.

* Anywhere the devil wants to use against me, father uproots it all. Any place he wants to push me to so that he can kill me, abort that place in Jesus' name.

* As I go, there shall be no vehicle, tricycle, plane, or any form of accident for me in Jesus' name. Anywhere the devil wants to position it, I jump and walk pass it in Jesus' name. I will not die before my time.

* Untimely death is not my portion, not my household portion in Jesus' name. No weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus' name.

Most high king, you are Alpha and Omega, I forever give you all the praise for all you have done in my life. Be exalted in Jesus' name amen.