5 Handsome Nollywood Actors Who Died Too Young


The Nigerian film industry has lost some young, and gifted actors who left this world at a very young age.

These Nollywood actors had a very bright future, and great potentials, but the movie industry lost them when they were still young in their careers.

1. Muna Obiekwe

He was an actor with so much impact in the industry, and adorned the TV screens. Unfortunately, he died when he was just 36 years old.

2. Clem Onyenka

He was still a young man, but was already popular as an actor in Nollywood. He became prominent in the 2000s. Clem died at 40 years, in 2014.

3. Nelson Gold

He was among the handsome Nollywood actors, who was fast rising in his career. He was very talented, and enthusiastic about his acting profession. Unfortunately, he died in 2018, some days after marking his 22nd birthday.

4. Alkali Matt

He was among the handsome actors who was well recognized for his performance in the film titled Halita. Unfortunately, he died while on the movie set that he was featured in. He passed away at 36 years.

5. Adewale Olarewaju

He was a vibrant up-rising Nollywood entertainer, from the Southern part of the country. Unfortunately, he died in January 2019, at 36 years, after suffering from a short sickness.

Nevertheless, even if these actors are not in our midst again, their performance in movies will continue to speak great achievements about them.

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