What is happening to Florence Obinim? Check her recent pictures.


Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.We live In a society where people expect some kind of lifestyle from a group of people. We expect people to dress in a certain way once they get married.we also have a certain way we would want our women of God to show up.In the olden days,pastor's wives dressing were used as a yastic for many ladies In the church.A little deviation from the normal will raise an eyeball.

Lately,a lot has change to the extent that,The wives of pastors can put on almost everything.The things the bible talked against have become the norm of the day.And because pastors wives are wearing them,we feel it's normal for everyone to wear them as well.This is kinda corrupting the church.

A clear look at the osoro ne me fie hit maker lately will show you how she has changed .A lot of people has raise questions over her appearance and how she Carrie's herself around lately.A lot of things have change about her that are causing people to ask if something is happening to her.

The woman we used to k ow have changed a lot and here are some pictures of her.

Ranging from eye lashes,to coloured braids to a lot of make up.We love her and dont want her to change.please lay down an advice for her I the comment section.

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