How to make a man fall for you

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In Africa, it is considered impolite for a woman to approach a man and ask him out or express her emotions for him. Some males consider women who approach men to be uneducated and inept.

According to world statistics, there are more women than men, which has put a lot of pressure on women who are of marriageable age but do not have a man in their lives.

Regardless of the statistics, every weekend there are wedding ceremonies all over the world; the question is, where do the men come from, and how will you find one of the few available men?

There are techniques to make a man fall for you without wooing him in order to avoid appearing desperate or losing.

The first step

The first thing you should do is constantly smile; it is said that if you do not smile, you are not well dressed. A beautiful grin may soften a stone heart, and it is the nicest makeup a female can wear.

Step 2:

Second, dress appropriately, keeping in mind that how you dress will determine how you are addressed. Whatever grin you put on your face, if you show the sensitive portions of your body, you can be sure you won't be taken seriously.

I've heard it said that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but how many novels do you expect people to read in their lifetime?

Steps three and four

Third, if you want to get discovered, you must put yourself out there, which includes getting out of the home more often, attending events more frequently, and interacting with more people.

the fourth step

You must get his attention, which implies that once you've found the man to whom you're drawn, you must communicate with him in order to get his attention. For example, if you like a guy in your church choir, approach him after service and tell him how much you like his energy and how much you want to learn to sing.

Once you've found the man who makes your heart race, strike up a conversation with him, exchange contact information, and don't be hesitant; there are pick-up lines for ladies that you can use in a variety of situations.

1. What kind of cologne do you have on? I'd like to get it for my father's birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.

2. Would these nice shoes fit me?

3. Your hairstyle is stunning.

4. Do you wear lipstick because your lips are pink and fine for a man?

5. What have you been doing with my life?

6. Hey, can I take a picture of you so I can update my Facebook status and tell my friends that I've met a nice guy?

7. Do you appear to be someone you know?

8. I prefer my man to have a beard like yours.

9. Can we play a game of truth or dare so I can kiss you?

10. Your gaze has the potential to make a woman pregnant.

Step Five

Step four opens the door for dialogue; step five is to stay in touch (by phone, text, and chat), flirt with him more, and get to know him as a friend, because once you put a name to what you're having, the real person hides, which is why you need go on additional dates. Allow him to talk about his life aspirations, and see how he respects and treats other women, since this will be a mirror of how you will feel after you begin dating him.

Make sure to maintain eye contact at all times.

Sixth step

By this time, he knows you like him and he likes him too, but he hasn't said anything about wanting to put a name to what you're having. Before you make him talk, get him into a compromising state where he can't say no, and I don't mean getting into bed with him.

So here's what you say to get him to talk: I know you like me, and I like you too, which is great, but I need to know what we're doing (be silent, hold his hand, or lay your hand on his face and stare into his eyes)?

At that point, a man who likes you would say what you need to hear; but, keep in mind that some men will not say what you want to hear, instead saying something like "I thought we were already dating." When you say "dearie, I didn't get the memo," he will respond with "we are, and now you know."

If you can have the courage to do so, the man will admire and appreciate you.

Best wishes in advance.


If he says he's not ready for a relationship, don't beg him; instead, keep in mind that you need to start the withdrawal process even if you're still friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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