9-Year-Old Class 3 Student Commits Suicide Mistakenly In Afful Nkwanta, Angel TV Gives More Details


Suicidal deaths have increased tremendously in the country.It is happening amongst children surprisingly and that has caused lots of concern for people in the country

However there has been another death in Afful Nkwanta where a 9 year old class 3 student has committed suicide mistakenly.Per the news report from Angel TV, Christian Ansah out of curiosity tried rehearsing a suicide act and wasn't lucky to come out of it on time

The report further detailed that Christian was influenced by the recent death of JHS girl Liticia Pinamang hence he had wanted to see how she felt during her ordeal.He was lifeless at the time he parents discovered and has since involved the police for further investigations

We offer our heartfeltcondolences to the family members of the deceased

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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