"Police Asked Us To Address The Crowd,"Osoro Defends Himself Against Disregarding Covid-19 Protocols


South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro yesterday came under heavy trolling by angry Kenyans for disregarding the Covid-19 measures put in place to slow down the spread of the the virus.

Photos of him addressing a mammoth crowd of UDA supporters in Bonchari with total disregard to social distancing and no face masks emerged.

Kenyans took to social media to call for his arrest for disrespecting the President Order on political gatherings. Two weeks ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta banned all political rallies of any nature promising action against politicians who will breach the protocol.

But in a statement, Osoro has come out to defend himself against the public wrath. Osoro said that as they were leaving the Bonchari IEBC offices crowd that had build up demanded to be addressed. He said police unsuccessfully tried to disperse the crowd before giving up and asked the legislator who was in the company of UDA aspirant Teresa Bitutu Oroo, Hon.Apoko and lawyer Cliff Ombeta to address them.

"As we were leaving the IEBC offices to drop her home,accompanied by her friends Hon.Apoko and Mr.Cliff Ombeta, thousands of people blocked us and demanded that we address them.Our way home was blocked by masses with little regard to COVID-19 rules.Police officers who were there tried as much to control the situation in vain,infact,they really restrained themselves from using excessive force to disburse the crowd.They then requested us to address them and convince them to go home,and yes,we did exactly that." he said

The MP has however cautioned Kenyans that the virus was real and they should follow the MOH protocols.

"We urge Kenyans to obey govt directives and avoid crowding even as we look forward to the May 18th election day in Bonchari.We encourage door to door campaigns over rallies."

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