Does Body Shape Matter In The Entertainment Industry? Well-Shaped Celebs Who Got Popular Very Fast

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Talent emerges in different forms, ages and abilities but when it comes to the feminine gender they seem to fall more into fashion. Recently we have witnessed young people earn recognition because of their internet presence and some blow up because they are well-shaped. Here are some of the South African female celebs who are taking over mzansi entertainment in different forms but they all have one thing similar, which is their mind-blowing body shape.

Andiswa Selepe

She is a photo-sharing diva and Instagram content creator known for her female fashion content, and is known as "The Bomb RSA." Not a lot the lady has got popular of but she already has more than a million Instagram followers.

Resego Tshabadira

Resego, who goes by the stage name "Segos Pumpkin," has gained a lot of attention for organising events, and many of her South African fans ended up supporting her on Social media such as Facebook, where she now has over 360,000 followers. Segos Pumpkin's charm has caused her to trend on the internet several times, both before and after she became famous.

Lulu Menziwa

This beautiful and famous teacher was born in South Africa on November 1, 1992. Lulu Menziwa is a 29-year-old and she already has over three hundred thousand Instagram followers, what's more, interesting is that she appeared in many newspapers because she is a teacher and also beautiful. You wouldn't believe that's how easily she became an Internet sensation.

Mihlali N

Mihlali Ndamase is a South African social media personality, youtube star, and make-up artist. Her makeup tutorials, which she posts on YouTube, have helped her gain notoriety. She began her YouTube career about 5 years earlier and now has over 350K subscribers; over time, she has learned to adapt her content to come up with even more interesting topics.

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