Tears After a Man Is Electrocuted To Death While Washing His Bodaboda In Bungoma


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A boda-boda driver has been killed by electric shock while he was going to wash his bike near a bridge between Kanduyi and Sacred along Kanduyi Malaba road.

The morning incident has attracted a huge crowd at the scene with many still in shock as to how the man's life ended so soon

In some bizarre photos from the scene, some electric wires were spotted hanging loose on the ground.

Sadly, the young man was also laying beside his motorcycle with part of his body still in the electrified waters.

The sad news has been confirmed by one of the area residents Samuel Waswa who expressed his shock and condolences to the family.

Barely a month ago a man was electrocuted to death in similar circumstances after he tried to wash his feet at one of the streams.

The Kenya power and lighting company has been in the spotlight for such negligent behaviors.

Residents have accused the company of not responding fast to such incidents where loose wires have been spotted.

This is not the first time that the company has been blasted by Kenyans for risking people's lives.

A number have even called for compensation to the family for the huge loss, a number have even said all those responsible should be taken to court and charged accordingly.


@Collozian... Let us be serious with life sometimes, this is just ignorance, how on earth can u see such dangerous wire fell down and you go there in the name of washing your motorbike, without thinking of flow of electric current, I don't understand the decision of that guy but let us be mature enough to think sometimes it's not good anyway my Heartfelt to deceased...

@Wekesa... My condolences

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