VIDEO: Drama on Busy Highway After Kenyan Man Wrestles Down Police Officer as Bystanders Take Action


Police chasing after a man on a highway in a past photo.

Photo/ Courtesy.

A video of a daring kenyan man engaging a police officer in a vicious wrestling contest on a busy kenyan highway has gone viral on social media site Twitter after being shared by a local media house.

In the Video that lasted for over 2 minutes, the cop who is his full official uniform can be seen held by the color of his shirt by the rogue kenyan man who can be heard daring the cop to beat him if he wants to. However, the traffic police officer restrains himself from inflicting any physical force on the unidentified man.

As the battle seems to escalate, the law enforcement officer calls for help from bystanders who were filming the whole episode on their phones. At first, the bystanders appear reluctant leaving the officer to fight it alone despite pleas from the officer who tries to explain that the man is wanted for dangerous driving that had caused the death of a pedestrian.

The two continue their tussle even as the officer keeps on calling for help which finally arrives as nearby bystanders and security guards join in to help him arrest the suspect. At this point, other bystanders can be heard raising their voice warning the rogue man against fighting a law enforcement officer who is on duty.

Watch the whole Drama in this video HERE.


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