In Ghana's history, the Giant Asedu Amenfi


Legend has it that there was once a giant called Asebu Amenfi with enormous strength. It is also believed that he possessed spiritual powers and the ability to do a lot of things the ordinary man could not do

He had a sister named Amenfiwaa who, according to oral tradition, was the one in charge of preparing his meals. Amenfi, perhaps due to his size and stature, was a voracious eater and Amenfiwaa had to work extra hard to satisfy her brother's appetite.

Asebu Amenfi was the chief of the Asebu chiefdom who fought and extended it. He had a mystical rod that he utilized in battles and is said to still exist today. His finger marks on Asebu rocks attest to his presence and demonstrate that he was a truly formidable giant. 

His influence was felt not just in Asebu, but also in other important towns in Ghana's Central Region, such as Abrakrampa.