Youths Support Peter Obi Over Other Candidates Because They See Him More Decent - Babajide Otitoju

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Babajide Otitoju, a well-known Nigerian journalist and broadcaster who has won numerous honours, explains why Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party's presidential candidate, is more well-liked by young Nigerians than the other candidates.

Speaking on today's episode of Issues With Jide on the TVC YouTube channel, Babajide Otitoju remarked that unlike in the past, many Nigerian youths want to be actively involved in politics.

He claimed that the majority of young people support Peter Obi over the other contenders because they think he is more honourable.

Compared to other contenders, "young people perceive Peter Obi as more deserving." Otitoju Babajide said.

He added that young people are aware that elder leaders are not prepared to hand up power to them.

"Older politicians are not yet happy to lose control to younger ones. The young people must be prepared and willing to usurp their positions of authority "he stated.

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